18 from Haining remain missing in Phuketnew disney magic bands 2015 boat sinking

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Thai rescue personnel aboard a search and rescue ship recover a body from a capsized tourist boat at sea off Phuket on July 6, 2018. Dozens of passengers are missing after a boat capsized as high winds whipped up rough seas off the Thai tourist island of Phuket, officials said July 5. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Five employees of the Haining Hai Pai International Further Co Ltd and 13 of their relatives remain missing from the tourist boat that they were on that capsized off the popular Thai island resort of Phuket on Friday, according to the local Haining government.

The 18 people are from 11 families, including 10 women.

The boat went down in heavy seas with dozens of Chinese tourists on board.

The local government has organized two emergency teams. One team has departed for Thailand, and the other is coordinating with relatives of the tour group in Haining. The relatives will depart for Thailand on Saturday morning.

Two rescue experts from the Zhejiang Rescue Team of Ramunion, a local civil rescue organization, and an institute of oceanography arrived in Phuket on Friday and are expected to start search activities Saturday morning.

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